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Instruction Programs
Gwen Miller Golf Academy

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Golf Instruction Programs

Personal Coach Program and the Learning and Coaching Programs

Private Instruction
Available at $80.00 per hour and $45.00 half hour.
6 lesson package: 6 full hour session covering all aspects of the game, including video and equipment analysis: $400.00


Personal Golf Coach Yearly Program
Consists of 14 private half hour lessons (or 7 full hour lessons) plus 2 additional on course sessions. Available May through October.
Cost $500.00 per person.

Alumni Program
This is a special program open to any former Academy student
focusing on follow up and continuity from previous instruction.
Call for pricing.

Why you should consider golf instruction?


Developing a sound and reliable golf game is not an event but rather an on going process combining quality instruction with patience and a student's commitment to proper practice and change. How many of you have experienced success during a lesson only to have your swing go away when you practice on your own? Have you ever asked yourself, "How do I know I'm practicing the correct motion?".

It is for these reasons that the Total Game Improvement programs are being offered. Almost 30 years of teaching experience has taught me that students who show the greatest progress are those who learn by following a structured path. Instead of taking lessons haphazardly, a well thought out course of learning combined with supervised practices yield the best results. You don't just sign up for lessons. You are appraised, taught, coached and your development is measured every step of the way.

The goal is simple: TO HELP YOU PLAY BETTER GOLF.

To help you decide which program suits your needs you are invited for a FREE 15 minute lesson evaluation
during which your swing will be observed. It can focus on any part of the game that you choose.

Contact(s): Call 828.689.5665 or email for more information

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